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Chi tiết sản phẩm

  5 inches 65.5K pixel,800*480 resolution capacitive touch screen display, full touch operation for menu interface, optional Chinese/English, concise and intuitive;

  • Professional KTV reverberation effect, independence 3 bands PEQ for Effect, 4 levels feedback inhibition control;
  • 3 in 1 out HDMI audio and video interface, support optical and coaxial audio digital inputs, record output function;
  • Fully support DOBLY,DTS 7.1 sound track cinema decoding function;
  • Special independent adjusting function for two-way microphone parameters;
  • 13 bands independent PEQ for Music and MIC respectively;
  • 5 bands PEQ for output channels, input selection and mixer rate, polarity, delay, limiter and gain;
  • Professional DSP processor 400MHz main frequency, 32-Bit floating point arithmetic, 48KHz sampling frequency/24-Bit A/D and D/A converter;
  • Support USB, RS232, LAN, and wireless WiFi interface control, professional PC software, support iPhone wireless control;
  • 20 groups system memory function, including 10 groups of preset and 10 groups of self effect; 2 levels panel lock function.



  Technical Parameter



Output Channel

Main Left, Main Right, Center, SUB, SURR Left, SURR Right


MIC                             85dB                      1KHz 0dB

Music                          93dB                       Input


MIC / Music                0.01%                    1KHz 0dB Input

Max Input Level

MIC                             250mV                   1KHz 0dB

Music                           6V                           Input

Max Output Level

MIC/ Music                10Vrms                    1KHz 0dB


MIC                             15mV                       Input

Music                          300mV

Input Impedance (Ω)

MIC                             10K ( Unbalanced )

Music                          47K ( Unbalanced )

Output Impedance (Ω)

                    300 ( Balanced ), 1K ( Unbalanced )

Crosstalk of Channels



     4 Levels

Frequency response


Decoding format

Dobly AC-3. Dobly digital. Dobly pro-logic.DTS. DTS96/24 HDMI Audio and Video Seperation.

Gross Weight


Dimensions (L*W*H)

                    534*306*126 (mm)

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